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Here at Valley Car servicing we offer a quality, professional service from local friendly and experienced car mechanics.

Our Prices

Model Details Interim Service A
(Inc. VAT)
Full Service B
(Inc. VAT)
190 ALL £126.00 £216.00
200 ALL £126.00 £216.00
220 ALL £126.00 £216.00
230 ALL £126.00 £216.00
250 ALL £126.00 £216.00
260 ALL £126.00 £216.00
300 ALL £126.00 £216.00
320 ALL £126.00 £216.00
500 ALL £126.00 £216.00
A CLASS ALL £136.00 £246.00
B CLASS ALL £136.00 £266.00
C CLASS DIESEL £156.00 £395.00
C CLASS PETROL £156.00 £366.00
CL CLASS ALL £156.00 £430.00
CLK ALL £190.00 £370.00
CLS CLASS ALL £176.00 £336.00
E CLASS ALL £206.00 £370.00
G CLASS ALL £166.00 £370.00
M CLASS DIESEL £190.00 £416.00
M CLASS PETROL £166.00 £370.00
ML CLASS ALL £190.00 £316.00
R CLASS ALL £170.00 £336.00
S CLASS ALL £179.00 £339.00
SL CLASS ALL £179.00 £394.00
SLK CLASS ALL £179.00 £394.00
SPRINTER ALL £166.00 £274.00
VITO ALL £166.00 £274.00

Add an MOT for just £49

Our Mercedes Service

As a local fully fitted professional garage, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Our service includes free collection and delivery of your Mercedes at your chosen time and place.

Our experienced and fully qualified mechanics check all cars from top to bottom to make sure the entire car is mechanically sound in every way.  

Free valet.

On completion of services your Mercedes service book will be stamped and kept fully compliant with your car's warranty


On average our customers save around 60% on main Mercedes dealer prices with the same or better level of service, not forgetting the convenience of not needing to take your car into a Mercedes garage.


All of our Mercedes parts come with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty for the same peace of mind you would expect from any Mercedes main dealer  

Our costs

Our Mercedes service prices are exactly as stated in the above chart with no hidden charges or extras. All other work is done on quotation and clients are made fully aware of the exact price before work is carried out on their vehicle. 

To book or enquire about our Mercedes service please call our friendly staff
Tel: 01737 372 780


The History of Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz is a German manufacturer of luxury  Mercedes automobiles, Mercedes buses,  Mercedes coaches, and  Mercedes trucks. It is currently a division of the parent company, Daimler AG (formerly DaimlerChrysler AG), after previously being owned by Daimler-Benz. Mercedes-Benz has its origins in Karl Benz's creation of the first petrol-powered  Mercedes motorcycle in January 1886, and by Gottlieb Daimler and engineer Wilhelm Maybach's conversion of a 1873 Bollée steam-engine automobile by the addition of a petrol engine the same year. The Mercedes automobile was first marketed in 1901 by Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft. The first Mercedes-Benz brand name vehicles were produced in 1926, following the merger of Karl Benz's and Gottlieb Daimler's companies into the Daimler-Benz company. Mercedes-Benz has introduced many technological and safety innovations that have become common in other vehicles History Trademark origins
The newly created automobile company, Mercedes-Benz also needed a new image symbolizing their enterprise union. Their iconic three-pointed star is pervasive and unmistakably recognized around the world. But its design has evolved in many ways since the company merged in 1926. One early logo was trademarked in the United States on Friday, August 16, 1929. An application was filed for Mercedes-Benz by Daimler-Benz Aktiengesellschaft of Berlin, Germany with the USPTO. Their application was filed in the primary class of non-metallic building materials and provide a description that included, "automotive vehicles, as follows: passenger cars and freight trucks; parts of and accessories to said vehicles…"

The drawing design Mercedes-Benz logo is a registered trademark at the USPTO, and owned by Daimler AG
The design of the Mercedes-Benz signature logo was described by the USPTO with three aspects, 1) Stars with three points (Celestial bodies, natural phenomena, Geographical maps — Stars, comets), 2) Garlands, wreaths, bands, borders or frames made of plants (Plants — Decorations made of plants), and 3) Circular or elliptical seals (Heraldry, flags, crowns, crosses, arrows, and symbols — Seals).

Daimler-Benz elaborates on their use of the new logo and its representations in their 1928 application. Based upon their description, it appears they combined design elements from each automobile company to create a new logo reflecting each company's legacy. They stated that the trademark was applied to goods in their business since October 1926 with the trademark, "having been used in the business of the applicant's predecessors and in the business of applicant, continuously since the following dates. The word Mercedes since December 1900; the word Benz since July 1896; the representation of a three-pointed star since June 27, 1909, the representation of a wreath of laurel since September, 1909." In their U.S. trademark application, Daimler-Benz stated that their trademark was registered in Germany on the 28th day of August, 1928 with an application date of August 21, 1926.

U.S. trademark registration was granted on July 28, 1931. It's current status is registered and renewed with the latest owner listed as Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany.


Mercedes Car Servicing - Mercedes Garage - Servicing Mercedes - Mercedes Mechanic