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Daihatsu Car Servicing - Daihatsu Garage - Daihatsu Mechanic

Here at Valley Car servicing we offer a quality, professional service from local friendly and experienced car mechanics.

Our Prices

Model Details Interim Service A
(Inc. VAT)
Full Service B
(Inc. VAT)
55 WIDE ALL £116.00 £166.00
APPLAUSE ALL £105.00 £153.00
CHARADE ALL £105.00 £153.00
COPEN ALL £109.00 £157.00
CUORE ALL £108.00 £156.00
EXTOL ALL £119.00 £169.00
F20 ALL £105.00 £153.00
FOURTRACK ALL £111.00 £161.00
GRAND MOVE ALL £109.00 £166.00
HI JET ALL £116.00 £166.00
MIRA ALL £105.00 £153.00
SPORTRAK ALL £109.00 £157.00
SSIRON ALL N/A £157.00
TERIOS ALL £111.00 £161.00
VALERA ALL £109.00 £161.00
WILDCAT ALL £112.00 £161.00
YRV ALL £105.00 £166.00

Add an MOT for just £49

Our Daihatsu Service

As a local fully fitted professional garage, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.

Our service includes free collection and delivery of your Daihatsu at your chosen time and place.

Our experienced and fully qualified mechanics check all cars from top to bottom to make sure the entire car is mechanically sound in every way.  

Free valet.

On completion of services your Daihatsu service book will be stamped and kept fully compliant with your car's warranty


On average our customers save around 60% on main Daihatsu dealer prices with the same or better level of service, not forgetting the convenience of not needing to take your car into a Daihatsu garage.


All of our Daihatsu parts come with a full 12 months parts and labour warranty for the same peace of mind you would expect from any Daihatsu main dealer  

Our costs

Our Daihatsu service prices are exactly as stated in the above chart with no hidden charges or extras. All other work is done on quotation and clients are made fully aware of the exact price before work is carried out on their vehicle. 

To book or enquire about our Daihatsu service please call our friendly staff
Tel: 01737 372 780


The History of Daihatsu

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.  ?: 7262) is a Japanese manufacturer of cars, well known for its smaller models and off-road vehicles. Many of its models are also known as kei jidōsha (or kei cars) in Japan. Its headquarters are located in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture.

The name "Daihatsu" is a combination of the first kanji for Osaka (大) and the first of the word "engine manufacture" (発動機製造, hatsudōki seizō ?) ; when put together they are pronounced "dai hatsu."

Daihatsu was formed in 1951 as successor organisation to Hatsudoki, and by the 1960s had started exporting cars to Europe, although it did not enjoy any major sales success until well into the 1980s.

Since February 1992 in North America, it has been common for Toyota to distribute Daihatsu models.


Daihatsu Car Servicing - Daihatsu Garage - Servicing Daihatsu - Daihatsu Mechanic