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All prices are fully fitted - no hidden extras!  At Valley Car Servicing you simply order your tyres by phone, then turn up on the date you have booked yourself in for,

As a leading MOT, service and car repair specialist, we've always fitted tyres as part of our highly regarded service.  And now we are able to offer customers direct access to our discounted tyre prices.

Whatever car you drive, from a small city car to a high performance car, they all have one thing in common; the tyres are the only part in contact with the road. It is therefore crucial to ensure that they are in good condition as poor condition tyres can be dangerous, illegal, waste fuel and invalidate your car insurance.

Valley Car Servicing is a place you can trust to assess the state of your tyres because we have:

  • Great prices on all tyres ranging from budget  to premium quality
  • qualified technicians providing a high level of technical expertise
  • A knowledgeable friendly friendly human voice you can call for advice and information  on tyres
  • Access to all major makes of tyre to ensure maximum availability and best tyre offers
  • Ability to advise which tyre is most appropriate for your car and your pocket to save you trying to decide between the large number available.
  • Family owned and run since 1960

Our aim is to make purchasing the correct tyre, at the right price, as simple as possible with no hidden extras.














Tyres - Car Tyres - Cheap Tyres